We’re living in the 21st century where technological breakthroughs are taking over. However, everyone would agree it has its pros and cons. Mobile phones, computers and internet have made everyone’s lives better. But it’s undeniable that all these new-tech devices have caused a few other activities to be pushed aside. If you walk around the streets, you’ll notice that the majority of the people are on their smartphones. It’s almost like these gadgets have alienated people from each other.

The good thing about these latest gadgets is that people get so used to them, they end up encouraging themselves to take a break from them or go on a social media detox. Which means they’ll keep their hands, eyes and ears away from technological devices and switch their focus to other things. One activity people who go through a detox love doing is exploring the great outdoors. People go out in nature with the idea of not being interrupted by a text message or phone call.

You can either explore nature by going on an African safari tour or by going on a hike, there are many options.

After spending time in your house/work with or without activity, you might want to go out and do your favorite outdoor recreation activities. Outdoor recreation offers you an opportunity to reduce the risk of mobility problems and to improve your overall metabolism.

1. Improve your work productivity


If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do, maybe it’s time to check-in with your time management skills.

No one is born to be very good at time management, so that’s okay if you think you’re bad in it. But everyone can learn to boost their productivity and achieve more!

If you engage yourself in regular outdoor activities, you’re likely to be more relaxed while active at the same time. You’ll react better in stressful situations and also exhibit high productivity. Waking up a few minutes earlier in the morning to go for a walk will make you feel fresh and productive for the rest of the day. And a short walk before dinner once or twice a week won’t do any harm.

 You should explore the great outdoors as it certainly presents a wonderful opportunity.


2. Giving you a better body

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Outdoor activities offer you the benefits of muscular and cardiovascular fitness. It will also have the wholesome benefit of improving the functioning of your immune system. In fact, health professionals recommend that adults should have at least 100 minutes of aerobic activity every week.

Maintaining a healthy body weight can protect you from a variety of illnesses. By assessing your body’s healthy weight and maintaining it as much as possible, you will be armed with an additional tool to stay in shape… and live longer!

3. Improve your sleep quality


Your sleep cycle is dependent on the accurateness of your internal clock. If the clock isn’t working right, then you will have a hard time regulating your night sleep.

The clock works right when the cells in your eyes get enough sunlight during the day, particularly before mid-day.

That is why you need to be out as many minutes as possible in the morning hours. This requirement becomes more important as you get older.

Doing a mere 10 minutes of simple meditation and breathing can do wonders for your sleep and give you high-quality sleep.

4. Boosts your immunity

Shot of a young woman jogging on a country road on a misty morning

Morning sunlight boosts your Vitamin D levels. The more the Vitamin D your body gets, the stronger its immune system becomes.

On top of that, being within outdoor plants helps you leverage the health benefits of the phytoncides and other organic compounds that plants produce. These compounds boost immune function in humans.

“Some cancer treatments can increase your light sensitivity, so be sure to wear SPF, sunglasses and a hat, no matter your skin tone,” she says. “If you ever start feeling queasy, seek shade right away.”

5. Improve your mental behaviour


Your mental wellbeing greatly improves when you exercise outdoors. One of the reasons for this is the awareness that your mind has throughout the exercise, particularly in regard to the changing terrain and weather.

Unlike in the gym where the floors are flat and benches evenly positioned, the terrain outdoor includes winding paths, hills, woods, and valleys. You are forced to be focused and alert at all times and that alone benefits your mental health.

The mental health benefits of being outside, in general, are exponential and there are an array of options for you to choose to spend your time doing.

While camping, hiking, backpacking or running up a mountain, your physical body parts aren’t the only things being exercised. Even your mind can benefit a lot from these physical activities. When out in nature, you can clear your head and switch off from the rest of the world. And when using a map to find your way through a particular area, it encourages a healthy mindset. So, while you explore the great outdoors, your mind is free to explore your thoughts.

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