Top 10 Blood Pressure Machine For Home Use

 The monitor you choose should be of good quality and fit well. MANUAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORS. Here We are discussing about the best BP monitor now a days. and also needs of BP machine and which on is better Analog or Digital.

The need of BP monitors:

With age, the wear and tear of arteries happen, and they tend to become stiff, obstructing blood flow. Even with a healthy aged person, these conditions might come silently as no symptoms eventuate. The best way to keep a check on any such possibility is to keep a periodic log of BP at home. Seniors can keep a home BP monitor to measure BP, which will help them in many ways:

  • They need not frequently visit the doctor.
  • Home BP monitors are easy to manoeuvre without training.
  • They feel confident and satisfied which adds on to their positive and healthy lifestyle.
  • It is critical when on medication, as sudden change can happen, especially if they are on BP lowering drugs.
  • Keeping a track on BP or maintaining a log is easy when you have a home BP monitor.
  • Taking consultation, remotely from a physician, is easy as they can prescribe better.

@ Top 10 Blood Pressure Machine For Home Use

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Product details

    • Dr. Morepen bp 02 is a fully automatic, digital blood pressure monitor
    • Quality b p monitor from dr. Morepen
    • Light weight product
    • Minimum Pressure Measurement Range: 40 mmHg Maximum Pressure Measurement Range: 230 mmHg Minimum Pulse Measurement Range: 40 beats/min Maximum Pulse Measurement Range: 199 beats/min Pulse Measurement Accuracy: (+/-) 5% Pressure Measurement Accuracy: (+/-) 3 mmHg
    • 4 AAA Batteries


  • 3 years brand warranty from date of purchase
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Product details

  • ENHANCED ACCURACY- With a deviation of +/-3 mm Hg, this sphygmomanometer ensures reliable, consistent and precise reading.
  • EASY TO READ DIAL- This device comes with an analogue dial which is very easy to read even by the older people.
  • LATEX FREE CUFF- Latex sensitivity leads to serious health related issues for both the patients and the health care workers. The latex free cuff ensures safety for users as well as health care officials.
  • MERCURY FREE MEASUREMENT- With mercury free measurement, this sphygmomanometer gives the exact reading 
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Product details

  • EASY TO READ : The blood pressure monitor with an elegant silver design has an exceptionally fast measuring time. 
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC : Blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm.
  • AVERAGE OF 7 DAYS : Average of morning and evening blood pressure for the last 7 days
  • MULTIPLE MEMORIES : 2 x 60 memory spaces. Easy-to-read display. Average of all saved measured values
  • RISK INDICATOR : Arrhythmia detection. For upper arm circumferences from 22 to 36 cm
  • Date and time/automatic switch-off. Incorrect usage message. Low battery indicator
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Product details

  • 4 layers of insulation on either side for complete comfort and safety
  • In-built twin thermostat for 100 percent safety
  • Ultra soft washable cotton cover.
  • Latex free cuff
  • Country of Origin: India


BP management is an important step to not just leading a healthy life, but also avoiding possible cardiovascular diseases; these devices are merely reality-check devices—providing an insight into how one can lead a healthy life. While all the above models are unique in their own way, for choosing the right option for you and your family, It is very necessary in this COVID situation

Other Product

  1. Newnik SP501 Sphygmomanometer/Aneroid Bp Monitor
  2. Diamond BPMR120 Deluxe Conventional Mercurial Type BP Instrument
  3. Omron HEM 6161 Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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