This Quiz is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) type focus on Basic Civil MCQs covering the topic "Damp Proofing" . This is chosen from most authorized and best reference books on Civil Engineering. This MCQs help in various competitive exam like GATE, PSU, MAKAUT EXAM, IIT EXAM etc. The answers to the solved questions in this Test: Our practice set provide a good balance of easy and difficult problems.

For DPC at plinth level, which grade of concrete is used?

If the soil is dry, DPC for ground floor consists of the layer of:

DPC materials should ideally be flexible, where differential thermal movements occur.

At roof slab level over the DPC, __________ are provided.

DPC materials can be classified into:

DPM stands for:

Which of the below is an example of semi rigid DPC material?

Dampness spreads upwards from the ground only.

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