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The changes do not affect all the previous work done, saving money and time. The sprint planning meeting is also good practice in implementing time limits, setting measurable outcomes, and being transparent. Get started with sprint planning by using these product management templates.

  • Once you’ve prepared for sprint planning, it’s time to run the meeting.
  • A sprint goal is a high-level description of what the team aims to accomplish by the end of the sprint.
  • If not, identify the amount of effort left on any stories or tasks that are rolling over.
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In other words, it’s a good idea to invest in documentation software that is easy to update and edit. Atlassian’sConfluenceis a popular option used by many companies worldwide. Per this visual, your developers are more likely to rememberwhat you tell them in direct, face-to-face interactions. Congratulate your developers on what they did accomplish, and get them excited for what’s ahead. They’re sure to remain motivatedand will likely tackle the next sprint in high spirits.

The Development Team

For example, leaving things vague is much worse than describing something as a question to be answered during the sprint. Focus the first part of sprint planning on the objective of the sprint rather than the details of the backlog. By focusing on the goal rather than the work it is possible to find smart alternatives for how that goal is achieved. Scrum ceremonies, or meetings, are all crucial parts of the Agile development process. They outline the framework that helps teams collaborate and get things done. Benefits All Agile meetings and documents are powered by mission adapted mind map templates, specially tuned for collaborative work.

sprint planning meeting agenda

If your teammates’ responsibilities have changed since the previous sprint, it’s important you be transparent and let them know. If you set concrete deadlines without letting your teammates know, the deadlines may sneak up on them before they have the opportunity to complete the tasks within the sprint. Fellow is the meeting management app that companies like Shopify, Uber, and KeepTruckin use to run effective sprint planning meetings.

Establish velocity for your team

The Scrum Master presents any relevant action items from the retrospective. Finally, they’ll discuss how they’ll work to address these items in the next sprint. The meeting is designed to ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the action items and are collaboratively working to address them. If you want your teammates to feel inspired and driven, they need to collectively buy into the bigger picture. Sprint planning meetings offer a great opportunity to have open and honest conversations with the entire group responsible for collaborating within the upcoming sprint. During these meetings, it’s important to be transparent and clear.

Generally, it occurs every week and should not exceed 120 minutes each time. The purpose of this meeting is not to make an airtight plan, but to paint a rough picture of what is expected by the end of the sprint. Chances are that changes will take place during the sprint and the team should be prepared to mitigate the impact on the sprint goals. Before a sprint begins—and ideally prior to a sprint planning meeting—the product owner should groom all existing product backlog, also called backlog refinement. After checking your developers’ availability, you can determine which product backlog items to include. Your chosen product backlog items should all lead to one overarching objective—the sprint goal.

Again, It’s important to involve all team members in sprint backlog discussions, especially those who are actually executing tasks on a daily basis. If they are responsible for completing the tasks, their perspective and commitment is crucial for setting realistic and attainable goals. They are the ones responsible for making it happen, and they understand their bandwidth and availability better than anyone else.

Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda Template

AnalyticsGain insight about your company’s meeting frequency, productivity, and feedback culture. Guest UsersKeep meeting notes in one place by bringing everyone you work with – vendors, clients, agencies – into Fellow. StreamsStreams are digital notepads to help you organize projects, share OKRs, and whatever else you dream up. When done effectively, Sprint Planning upholds what the Agile approach stands for. With that said, let’s cover the four values of Agile, as laid out by the people who created it. The Developers provide their feedback and ask the Product Owner questions.

Make sure to keep the meeting focused on the sprint goal and objectives. This means to make sure you keep control of the meeting and that everyone follows the agenda. Minimizing surprises helps minimize stress and ensures everyone is on the same page and set up for success. Take the time to confirm your team’s availability so they aren’t surprised or overwhelmed by tasks that don’t align with their schedule. This is also a great time to update any new team members or go over responsibilities.

Kick off the sprint directly by defining the backlog items that need to be considered and tackled in the next sprint. Clarify all the goals and action items to ensure that everyone in the scrum team is clear on his tasks and due dates. Review your product owner’s proposed backlog with your team.

If you’re a brand new team that hasn’t worked together before, measure the number of accepted backlog items and complete sprint over sprint. Jira IntegrationTurn action items generated in Fellow into Jira issues so their completion status stays in sync between both tools. The Scrum master should take care of the who, what, when, and where of the sprint planning meeting. This preparation includes deciding on the meeting’s date and time, as well as its attendees.

Sprint Planning Meeting: A Simple Cheat Sheet

Learn how to run effective sprint planning meetings, why & how to do them, and how to get access to our sprint planning agenda template. If every team member focuses on individual goals during a sprint, some goals may be reached and others may not. A sprint planning meeting helps the group focus on one goal, the same goal.

sprint planning meeting agenda

Job SeekingGet information and expert insights on landing a role and choosing a career path in digital project management. Running an effective sprint planning begins with intentional and upfront preparation. Estimating stories ahead of sprint planning can help you avoid sprint delays and unrealistic expectations.

Whether you’re a Product Owner, Scrum Master, or Developer this article will help explain how the whole Scrum Team can plan Sprints more effectively. Complete the meeting form by describing the discussion and conclusion for each agenda topic. You are required to list and sprint planning meeting agenda describe the deliverables here. For each deliverable, name it and describe it by listing its requirements. Select the team member who manages the complete creation of the deliverable. Follow this agenda, and you’re good to go—your meeting will be a resounding success.

Project Management

Sprint Planning meetings are a critical part of the development process. This meeting template from Atlassian Jira’s agile coaches, should keep everything on track. Development Team – The development team is responsible for delivering features in each sprint. They do the actual work of designing, coding, testing, and deploying software.

Why run a sprint planning meeting?

A typical two week sprint would mean approximately a 2 hours meeting every other week. It should ideally be done early in the week so your team’s flow isn’t disrupted by the weekend. Learn how to run a sprint planning meeting with detailed roadmaps and discipline. Sprint planning works well for almost every business department, from development to marketing.

How To Run A Sprint Planning Meeting Like A Boss (+ Meeting Agenda) – The Digital Project Manager

It does not need to be overly detailed or go into day-to-day tasks. Define a goal for the upcoming sprint and determine how the team will work to achieve that goal. Developers break up backlog items into work items of one day or less, to be picked up in the daily scrum. Determine which backlog items will be handled in the next sprint.

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Keep in mind that it is a collaborative, team effort to arrive at the outputs you’ll have by the end of a sprint planning meeting. The team decides how much gets done during a sprint, not an overpowering Product Owner or an outside stakeholder. Your team members gain a sense of empowerment by taking charge of their flow of work. They also benefit from better alignment with others by having the time to talk about how their work will fit together over the next sprint. If you are a ScrumMaster on a team that is delivering development work and utilizing agile methodologies, you should be running a sprint planning meeting.

During the sprint planning meeting, the product owner, together with the entire scrum team and the scrum master will first define the bigger picture – the sprint goals. Then, after reviewing the notes from the retrospective meeting from the end of last sprint, the attendees will select a set of product backlog items to complete in this sprint. To make sure that the sprint plan is conceivable, the team should divide the selected items into smaller deliverables with specific assignees. Following the retrospective of the previous sprint, every sprint planning meeting should first examine the project backlog to discuss the overall goal of the sprint period.

MeetingsBuild collaborative agendas, record notes and action items in real-time, and never forget what was discussed. Completed Tasks Mark what you have accomplished in this sprint session and write down any feedback from the attendees. Talking point Product Demo The development team demonstrates the product increment to the product owner. Think of an ideal product as a machine, and the product backlog items as bolts and gears. To create a desired machine, we must 1) make sure the bolts and gears are in place, 2) they are properly lubricated. By now, your team should have plenty to start on and all the resources they need to begin collaborating with other team members.

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