Welcome to your Competitive English Practice Set-1

Waiting for a bus is a ____ experience.

Blue blood -

When the Principal entered the class, a student………. on the blackboard.

She………TV when her husband came.

In the following question, find the correctly spelled word.

Jawaharlal spent his childhood __ Anand Bhawan.

The boy was cured ___ typhoid.

Sukanta got ____ as an officer in the State bank of India.

Fill in the blanks with correct Prepositions. Life is not a bed ____ roses.

My grandfather will come here ____ a week.

Selfish people will not come forward ____ others.

He was carrying a heavy load.

He has a ____ for writing.

He hopes to join ____ university soon.

Select the proper suffix.. Beauty

Select the odd one out .

Rama is always logical in his thinking.(Find antonym of logical)

They will demolish the entire block.( Change the voice)

Ram said to me, “I am going to Jaipur.”(change the mode of narration)

Correct the sentence gramatically : She went to gym despite of her illness.

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