Class 10 Maths MCQs for Surface Areas and Volumes

Welcome to your Class 10 Maths MCQs for Surface Areas and Volumes

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
If a cone is cut parallel to the base of it by a plane in two parts, then the shape of the top of the cone will be a:

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
If r is the radius of the sphere, then the surface area of the sphere is given by;

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
A right circular cylinder of radius r cm and height h cm (h>2r) just encloses a sphere of diameter

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
The shape of an ice-cream cone is a combination of:

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
If we cut a cone in two parts by a plane parallel to the base, then the bottom part left over is the:

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
A metallic spherical shell of internal and external diameters 4 cm and 8 cm respectively, is melted and recast into the form of a cone with base diameter 8cm. The height of the cone is

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
A hollow cube of internal edge 22cm is filled with spherical marbles of diameter 0.5 cm and it is assumed that 1/8th space of the cube remains unfilled. Then the number of marbles that the cube can accommodate is

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
A cylindrical pencil sharpened at one edge is the combination of

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
The radius of the top and bottom of a bucket of slant height 35 cm are 25 cm and 8cm. The curved surface of the bucket is:

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
A cone is cut through a plane parallel to its base and then the cone that is for medon one side of that plane is removed. The new part that is left over on the other side of the plane is called

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
If we change the shape of an object from a sphere to a cylinder, then the volume of cylinder will

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
If we join two hemispheres of same radius along their bases, then we get a;

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
During conversion of a solid from one shape to another, the volume of the new shape will

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
If a cylinder is covered by two hemispheres shaped lid of equal shape, then the total curved surface area of the new object will be

[Surface Areas and Volumes]
Fifteen solid spheres are made by melting a solid metallic cone of base diameter 2cm and height 15cm. The radius of each sphere is:

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