Welcome to your Chapter 4 Moving Charges and Magnetism MCQs

The magnetic moment of a current I carrying circular coil of radius r and number of turns N varies as

A current carrying loop is placed in a uniform magnetic field. The torqe acting on it does not depend upon

A charged particle is moving on circular path with velocity v in a uniform magnetic field B, if the velocity of the charged particle is doubled and strength of magnetic field is halved, then radius becomes

Two a-particles have the ratio of their velocities as 3 : 2 on entering the field. If they move in different circular paths, then the ratio of the radii of their paths is

Two charged particles traverse identical helical paths in a completely opposite sense in a uniform magnetic field B =B0k  

A circular coil of radius 4 cm and of 20 turns carries a current of 3 amperes. It is placed in a magnetic field of intensity of 0.5 weber/m². The magnetic dipole moment of the coil is

An electron is projected with uniform velocity along the axis of a current carrying long solenoid. Which of the following is true?

In a cyclotron, a charged particle

If a charged particle moves through a magnetic field perpendicular to it

A circular current loop of magnetic moment Mis in an arbitrary orientation in an external magnetic field B. The work done to rotate the loop by 30° about an axis perpendicular to its plane is

The maximum current that can be measured by a galvanometer of resistance 40 Ω is 10 mA. It is converted into voltmeter that can read upto 50 V. The resistance to be connected in the series with the galvanometer is

What torque acts on a 50 turn coil of 200 cm² area carrying a current of 20 A held with its axis at right angles to a uniform magnetic field of 0.2 T ?

What is the maximum torque on a rectangular coil of area 4 cm × 80 cm of 400 turns, when carrying a current of 103 A in a magnetic field of 0.2 T?

Under which of these conditions, the torque acting on the current carrying loop is minimum?

Identify the factor on which the torque on a planar current loop does not depend.

Calculate the torque on a 500 turn rectangular coil of length 20 cm and breadth 10 cm, carrying a current of 30 A, when placed making an angle of 60° with a magnetic field of 0.5 T?

What is the magnetic field inside a pipe?

The magnetic field due to a current carrying circular loop of radius 4 cm at a point on the axis at a distance of 7 cm from the center is 48 μT. What will be the value at the center of the loop?

Which of the following particles cannot be accelerated using a cyclotron?

There are two conductors X and Y carrying a current I and moving in the same direction. p and q are two electron beams also moving in the same direction. Will there be attraction or repulsion between the 2 conductors and between the two electron beams separately?

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