This Quiz is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) type focus on Basic Civil MCQs covering the topic "Tests on Bricks" . This is chosen from most authorized and best reference books on Civil Engineering. This MCQs help in various competitive exam like GATE, PSU, MAKAUT EXAM IIT EXAM etc. The answers to the solved questions in this Test: Our practice set provide a good balance of easy and difficult problems.

In absorption test on brick, how many hours it has to be soaked in cold water?

What is the loading rate used in compressive strength test?

How is the hardness of brick tested?

What is the maximum permissible tolerance for length and width respectively?

What should be observed ideally when two bricks are struck together?

End of a brick is placed in a glass dish containing water and it is tested for efflorescence after it is absorbed or evaporated.

When observed efflorescence is more than 10% but less than 50% of the exposed area, it is:

How is the structure of brick tested?

Creep test is carried out in accordance with:

What does M1 indicate in the formula: % water absorption = M2 – M1 ⁄M2 x 100

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