This Quiz is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) type focus on Basic Civil MCQs covering the topic "Natural Rubber" . This is chosen from most authorized and best reference books on Civil Engineering. This MCQs help in various competitive exam like GATE, PSU, MAKAUT EXAM, IIT EXAM etc. The answers to the solved questions in this Test: Our practice set provide a good balance of easy and difficult problems.

Which solvent is used to dissolve rubber pieces in the process of chlorination of natural rubber?

Consider the following statements about hydrocarbons of natural rubber and gutta percha. I. They have same elementary formula. II. They have same molecular weight. III. Rubber hydrocarbon has low specific gravity than gutta percha. Which of the following statements are true?

Which component has the maximum composition in the Hevea rubber latex?

Which of the following represents natural rubber chemically?

Which substance is added to the dilute latex to prevent darkening of latex?

How much would the unsaturation of cyclized rubber reduce to its original when it forms polycyclic structure?

What are the sequential processes through which rubber latex undergo to give natural rubber?

What are the temperature and pressure conditions when natural rubber is hydrogenated in the presence of nickel catalyst?

Which solution is used for hydrochlorination of natural rubber with HCl gas?

Which of the following information about chlorinated rubber is wrong?

What kind of product is obtained on chlorination of natural rubber?

Which tree gives out the latex to obtain natural rubber?

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