This Quiz is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) type focus on Basic Civil MCQs covering the topic "Brick Masonry" . This is chosen from most authorized and best reference books on Civil Engineering. This MCQs help in various competitive exam like GATE, PSU, MAKAUT EXAM, IIT EXAM etc. The answers to the solved questions in this Test: Our practice set provide a good balance of easy and difficult problems.

In Herringbone bond, bricks are placed at _________ angle from __________ line in both directions.

Which of the below should be avoided in brick masonry?

In which bond brick is laid with its length in the direction of a wall?

Flemish bond is expensive than English bond.

How many types of brick masonry are possible?

What should be placed at the beginning of every header course in English bond to avoid vertical joint?

The portion of bricks cut across the width in half is called:

Which IS code gives a code of practice for brick work?

Which bond comprises of one course of a header to three or five courses of stretchers?

The bricks used for corners of walls of a structure are called:

_________ bond is better in appearance than English bond.

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