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Hitler described Nazi Germany as the Third Reich ("Third Empire") as the successor of the Holy Roman Empire and the German Empire. Learning History is a Waste of Time. When Hitler expanded his influence over Central Europe, Britain and France tried to stay out of war by adopting the policy of appeasement which allowed him to acquire the lands of his neighbors (first Austria, then Czechoslovakia) in the hope that he’d be content (and to hold off for a while until they could build the strength of their army). Writing an IELTS Band 8 essay Example. Following the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, Britain and France finally declared war (see World War II). 1 In the Second World War , the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) were defeated by the Allied Powers (Britain, France, Russia, China, US).

39. Some believe that learning about history is crucial and we must learn about the past to better understand the present. Cold War. Others believe that it’s unimportant and shouldn’t be taught in any way.

After World War II, the power balance of the world changed towards two superpowers : the US and the USSR. Examine both sides and offer your own view. Their wars manifested themselves as during the Cold War (ca.

1945-1991) and culminated in the collapse of Communist Russia (see Cold War). Here is an IELTS band 8 essay on this subject composed by one my students. From a business perspective, Western Europe thrived during the Cold War period, whereas the communist East stagnated . If you require assistance with your IELTS essay, check out our correction of writing service.

In contrast, while turmoil throughout Europe’s Western world was typically responded to with constructive intervention, disturbances in Eastern Europe were brutally crushed . 1. The Band 8 essay example. The conflict was "cold" because the two superpowers could not battle directly due to the very high likelihood of mutual destruction during the nuclear age. 33 Instead, both sides was primarily a economically and diplomatic war, providing governments of other countries with support in the political arena and financial aid in exchange for loyalty. 34 The war was restricted to proxy wars in that US and Soviet Union US and USSR offered troops or supplies to sides fighting in local battles (e.g. Although some believe that studying history is vital in understanding the present, others believe that it’s an unnecessary time.

Korea, Vietnam). This article supports the notion that individuals can make improvements to their future by studying the past and is in opposition to those who think that past events are not likely to repeat in the near future. Contemporary Europe. People who believe in the benefits of studying the past believe it offers opportunities to take lessons from the mistakes made. Since the end of the Cold War, which ended by the collapse of the USSR, Western tensions with Russia have been easing . Every nation faced difficulties in the past. In post-Soviet Eastern Europe has faced severe issues, including corruption unemployment inflation, as well as civil war.

Sometimes, mistakes made in these situations led to disastrous results. But, many Eastern European nations have become truely democratic since the end of the Cold War, though Russia remains an oppressive regime . 1,42,54. It is possible to learn from these mistakes and make better decisions should they be faced with similar situations in the future. From WWI until the conclusion at the end of Cold War, much of the Slavic-speaking area of the Balkans was united into one nation, Yugoslavia ("land of the South Slavs").

This essay is in line with this concept, since it’s evident that virtually every developed nation puts a lot of emphasis on the past as it demonstrates that being willing to learn from the past mistakes is essential to achieving the social and economic goals. The 1990s saw the fracturing of the region into smaller states was the most bloody European conflict in post-Cold war era. Many people believe that the past events aren’t comparable and can not be compared to actual situations. The war (which was primarily fought by Croats, Serbs, and Bosnians) occurred across both ethnic and political boundaries, and was particularly brutal throughout the area of Bosnia . People believe that the things have changed so many ways that learning about history is pointless.

On the bright side The 1990s saw the establishment of the European Union , a political/economic alliance comprised of European states. This essay disagrees with this notion since history has been repeated repeatedly. The first step towards it was known as The European Economic Community (aka European Common Market) that was created in the aftermath of WWII to coordinate the national industries like steel and coal. In the case of India, Pakistan and India suffered enormous losses during their first war against one the other, but both nations failed to learn from their mistakes, which led them to be required to fight in subsequent wars. In the end, the European Union brought the continent’s economic integration to new heights. In the end, nations can manage their present and define their future through the lessons learned from mistakes that have been made throughout historical past.

It included the common European currency as well as central banks. 1,40. Even though the global dynamics have changed dramatically in the past the pattern of history repeats itself. 1 1 "Europe" Encarta 2004. 2 – "Congress of Vienna", Encyclopedia Britannica. Therefore, it is always beneficial to learn from the past to anticipate similar events.

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The era that spawned diverse religions and different languages, which is crucial to appreciate your faith and conviction. The site was sentence accessed in May 2010. 28 29 "Southeast Asia", Columbia Encyclopedia.

In addition, many issues of the contemporary times can be resolved by investigation of the underlying causes of their occurrence.

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